For those of you needing a little pick me up. Here is an extensive list of the little things in life that make me happy and hopefully they’ll give you something you’ll need even if it is just a quick happy memory.

The start of something new

Looking up at the stars

Reuniting with someone I haven’t seen in forever

A huge ice cream sundae

The feeling after a long run

Sleeping in my hammock

A baby’s laugh

Christmas lights up year round

Burning a candle for the first time

Oreos and peanut butter

Laying in my bed after a long day

A warm hug from my mama

The first warm day of the year

Whitewater Rafting

Dancing in my car

Making a snowman

Having a conversation with a stranger

Finding a new song that I love

Finishing a successful project

Taking my hiking shoes off after a day on the trail

A warm Poptart out of the toaster

Making a delicious smoothie

Wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time

Looking at fall colors


Spending time with someone I appreciate so much

Hearing a relatable quote

A cotton candy sunset

A perfect cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Movie theatre popcorn

The holiday season

Catching up with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while

Meeting someone that leaves a positive impression on me

Smiling at a stranger

Riding a bike

Being sore after a workout

A good milkshake

Amusement parks and rollercoasters

Hearing a throwback song and knowing every word

Waking up to pancakes and bacon

Finishing a book

Sweet Dill Pickles

Getting a random compliment from a stranger

Seeing a puppy

Making a new music playlist

The sight of a body of water

Conquering something I didn’t think I could

County fairs and funnel cakes

Seeing a shooting star

Seeing the first firefly of the summer

Going through old photos

Successfully fixing something

Black olives

Sleeping in a sleeping bag

Seeing a cute, young family


Chic-fil-a Oreo Shakes

Walking into REI

A good romance movie

The smell of rosemary

The song You are my Sunshine

A quiet walk through the woods

Being in a new place for the first time

Church bells

Planning a trip


Someone playing guitar

Ice cold water

Snow covered pine trees


Science museums

Identifying a constellation

Making food for people

Facetiming someone far away

Watching my favorite movie

Hearing an owl at night

Singing in the car with someone

Looking through old stuff

Getting a new toothbrush

A good back scratch

Thinking of a happy memory and smiling

Seeing the sunrise

A good day at the beach

Finding a good movie

Waking up to a clean house

Green tea


Finding the perfect gift for someone

Leaving post-it note messages for people


Cookie dough

The smell of bonfire on my clothes

Sleeping to the sound of the river

Waking up to the sound of birds

Questions from children


Learning about a new culture

The first glimpse of mountains

Seeing a rainbow

A cozy home to come home to

Staying up late

Getting wisdom from an elderly person

Finding a perfect banana

When plants start to grow in my garden


Road trips in the middle of nowhere

Organizing my dresser

Military homecoming videos

Waking up and realizing I don’t have anything to do this morning

Talking with a child

Saving sentimental things to look at later

Laughing until I cry

Waving at children

Live concerts

Crossing everything off my to-do list

Power naps

Stretching muscles when I’m sore

Reminiscing with friends

Finding a cool seashell

Sleeping in my bed after a vacation

Someone asking how I am doing

Buying someone’s meal

Long talks with a close friend


Cuddle puddles

Cozy coffee shops

When a good song comes on the radio when I get in the car

Learning something mind blowing

Seeing solar panels and windmills

Falling asleep in a storm

Sleeping on clean sheets

Finding a good pen

Someone saying good morning

When a baby grabs my finger

When I get a good fortune in my fortune cookie

Printing off pictures

Loving someone so much their smile makes me happy

Song recommendations

Eating food out of my garden

Building something myself

New running shoes

Having a freshly washed car

The smell of freshly cut grass

Listening to a good podcast

Pumpkin Pie

Slow falling snow

Perfectly salted french fries



Seeing someone I love look so happy


Roasting marshmallows


Going back to somewhere I miss

Coming home after being away

Life is full of little victories, little moments, little beautiful things to be happy about- big and small. Every day, focus on some of the little things that make your day better and soon it will be all you focus on. If you write down, think about, or share the things that you love and that make you happy, your overall mood will be lifted. Focus on the good and give gratitude to them.  I hope these brought back some memories, smiles, and happiness to your day. Now go out and share some love with those around you. By helping others, you can help yourself a great deal.

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