Outside. Exploratory. Adventurous. Natural. Simple. Sustainable. Healthy. Self Sufficient.

These are some of the ways I want to live my life. This does not mean I have to be completely “zero waste”. This does not mean I have to be vegan. This does not mean I can’t eat my favorite food. This means I want to use what I have efficiently, fix things when they are broken, attempt to make a smaller impact, nourish the body I was given, and explore the beautiful places that are on this Earth fully. No, I am not perfect with this. Yes, I still eat out. Yes, I still buy products in plastic when needed. Yes, I still eat some meat. But I try to be conscious of what I am doing and live with intention. Making small changes in my daily life can make a big difference.

This website is all about what I am trying to incorporate into my life to work towards these types of lifestyles. I am here to try to make resources for this type of living more accessible. You will see tips, DIYs, product reviews, shareable knowledge, recipes, our favorite travel destinations, and so much more among the Green Foresters community. I am just getting started so if you aren’t seeing much, stay tuned! I am excited to share and learn along with you!

Keep on exploring in the meantime and as always,

Own less. Live More. Love Lots. Explore.

About the Founder: Madi Giordano


Hey all! Nice to virtually meet you! I am just a girl who loves everything nature surrounded from living in a tent working at Wildman Adventure Resort during the summers where I guide whitewater rafting, ziplining and such to romping around whenever I’m not in school! I have a passion for sustainable, simple living and a love for peanut butter more than humanly viable(especially when paired with Oreos). I’m excited to share some of the ideas flying around in my head and learn along with you! If you ever have questions, post suggestions or just want to chat, feel free to email me at contactgreenforesters@gmail.com!

My main job is being a social media specialist for my own company, HIVE. I do freelance coaching and management if you are ever in need of service! Check out my Instagram: @thisishive.


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