We have clutter everywhere- clothes we haven’t worn in years, receipts from 3 years ago, DVDs you’ll never watch again, expired food and on and on. This list will help free you and your brain of some clutter by the end of the month!

Follow 1 simple step every day for a month and by the end, you’ll be on your way to bliss, empty drawers, and minimalism.

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  1. Receipts: That box of receipts you have from 2008, recycle (or compost) all of them and save the last 3 months just in case.
  2. Sock Drawer: Throw out any single socks. Or check out this link for more uses!
  3. Sample or Travel Packets of Food: They have most likely been in your storage for months, toss them away.

  4. Boxes and Instructions: That pile of product boxes and instructions you have somewhere, recycle all cardboard and paper in that pile and toss anything else. All instruction guides can be found with a Google Search.

  5. CDs and DVDs: Recycle the cases and get a compiled book to put the disks in or donate movies and use platforms like Netflix or Hulu instead.

  6. Clothes you haven’t worn: Any article of clothing that you haven’t worn in a year, throw in a box and donate. If this scares you, throw everything in a box and put it away for a month, if you don’t miss it, then donate it!

  7. Magazines: If you haven’t picked up that magazine in months, recycle it. If you have, cut out the article you want to keep and recycle the rest.

  8. Broken Items: Any broken items you can’t fix and haven’t missed, toss!

  9. Old Charging Cords: We all have a drawer full of cords for your first cell phone that you don’t even have anymore. You will not need them again, donate to a thrift store or recycle them at office supply stores.

  10. Old Makeup: Makeup has a shelf life too. Anything over 6 months-2 years old everything is expired. Origins will take your expired or empty bottles to recycle!

  11. Expired Food: Scour your fridge and pantry for any food that is well past the expiration date or moldy.

  12. Unused Apps: Delete apps that you haven’t used in 6 months.

  13. Unusable Candles: If you cannot burn them, repurpose the jar or do not like the scent, toss it!

  14. Food Storage with No Lid: Clean out your Tupperware drawer to have only usable containers!

  15. Under Your Sink: Bottles, old sponges, cleaning supplies you won’t use- clean it out!

  16. Empty Pens: You do not need them! You can send them to this company to recycle them.

  17. Old Linens, Towels, and Sheets: If they have stains or tears and you will never use them for guests or rags, donate them to local shelters.

  18. Chipped Plates, Bowls, Mugs: If you would not want to use it, toss it or donate it to a school for art projects.

  19. Books you didn’t like: If you didn’t like it the first time, you won’t be reading it again. Donate it to a library.

  20. Old Paint: If it is not good for touch ups, give it to Lowe’s, Habitat for Humanity or a paint store and they will dispose of it or reuse it.

  21. Desk Drawer: Anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months, toss or recycle!

  22. Old Perfume or Lotions: A lot of times the scent changes and doesn’t smell the same after a few months. Toss it!

  23. Old or Unused Electronics: Donate or resell them so someone else can get use out of it!

  24. Free Notepads: I had a drawer full of free notepads I got from companies that I will never use. Donate them to a school or recycle them.

  25. Non-supportive Bras: No room for those in the drawer- toss or donate!

  26. Multiples: Products that you have multiple of that do the same thing and you only use one at a time. Hair brushes, kitchen utensils, slippers, scarves, etc. You’ll use your favorite every time anyway! Give them to friends or donate them!

  27. Hotel Freebies: Shampoos, lotions, conditioners- these might be good for guests but they do go bad after a few months.

  28. Email: Unsubscribe to 10 email newsletters you have not opened in months.

  29. Coffee Mugs: Keep your favorite few and donate the rest.

  30. Car Glove Compartment: Samples, straws, napkins, etc- only keep what is useful!

  31. Old Medicine or Bandaids: Any medical equipment that no longer works or is expired- toss!

There you go! Your life just got a whole lot cleaner! A quick reminder to not feel bad about throwing things away in order for you to live a cleaner life. Decluttering will allow you to be more conscious in the future! Here are a few quotes that I’ve seen that may motivate you in the decluttering process:

“Keep only what you love or use- toss, donate or recycle the rest”

“You may want to be more organized, you just need less stuff”

“Quality over quantity”


If you have any additional declutter ideas, comment them below!


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