Have you been seeing people carrying bags full of trash with them on their runs? Have you wondered why? Soon, you will see this everywhere– it’s called plogging.

Originating in Sweden, “plogging” is a combination of jogging and picking up litter. The only gear you need is a container to hold your garbage and running shoes. This is a workout I have been loving lately- combining two of my passions working out and helping the environment.

If you take a run through any park, trail, or street, you are bound to see trash somewhere. The concept is to pick up as much of this trash as you can to clean up the surrounding areas. This cleans up litter, decreases disposal fees, allows wildlife clean areas to roam, and burns you some calories! I’ve even seen people stuffing plastic bottles in their pants and headbands to maximize their plogging! Now that’s some commitment.

Common items I have found while plogging are cigarette butts, water bottles, wrappers, cardboard food boxes, and bottle caps. But, people have found some absurd things– full diapers, 20 foot fishing nets, and tires.However, people have also found some treasures– money, expensive jewelry, and useful items. Looks like I need to start plogging in better spots!

Not only does plogging help the environment, it helps you burn more calories too! Apps, such as Lifesum, have added plogging to their workout directory stating you burn 50+ more calories per half hour of plogging than regular jogging. The added weight will help you gain muscle, burn calories, and lose weight- clean more, burn more! Win-win!

Plogging has gotten thousands of people working out, burning calories and cleaning up trash along the way. It has reached worldwide communities and people have begun organizing marathons, hikes, and events around this idea. Plogging is the newest way to make a difference for both yourself and the Earth! You can see it being done in cities, universities, and communities worldwide.

So, grab your bag, strap on your running shoes, and get plogging! Who’s ready?


My Essential Plogging Gear:
Running Shoe: Saucony Women’s Omni 13 Running Shoe
Trash Bag: Compostable Home Trash Bags


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