This is the number one question I am asked while talking about buying in bulk. Who wants to pay for the jar that weighs half a pound? Not me!

Here is a walkthrough on how to not pay for the weight of your jars or produce bags:

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Weighing at the cash register:

1. Obtain the tare weight

Weigh your bags or jars on the scale at the store or at home. Write the tare weight (empty weight) on the jar in permanent marker, on the tag of your bag, or in the notes on your phone.

Many bags have the tare weight on the tag so you don’t have to do this. You can also go to a cashier when you first arrive and they will tare them all for you.

Once you do this once, you’re done! You don’t have to do it every time.


2. Collect all food in bags and jars

Fill ‘em up!! This is the fun (and yummy) part.


3. Document the PLU

Write the PLU numbers on the bag/jar with a washable crayon or write the PLU in the notes on your phone.


4. Check out and tell them where the tare weight is located

Many cashiers are used to doing this, no worries! They will know what to do. And if they don’t, kindly ask for them to bring over someone who does.


5. Eat all the treats- package free!

This is the actual yummy part.



Weighing in the bulk section and printing a label:

1. Put the empty jar/bag on the scale

Notice the weight changing.


2. Click the “zero button”

This will subtract the weight of your jar. When you take the empty jar off, it should read that there is a negative weight on the scale. This is key to not paying for the weight of the jar.


3. Fill up your jar or bag

Fill ‘em up and get excited!


4. Put your full container on the scale

Make sure no one has adjusted your tare weight in between you filling up.


5. Press print and stick the label on your jar/bag

Yes, I know that those trying to produce the least amount of waste that printing a label is waste, but it is much less than buying packaging. At some places, the labels may be recyclable.


6. Enjoy the goodies- package free!

Yummy, yummy!

This is a really simple process once you do it once. The first time just take your time or bring a friend! Don’t worry, it’s really easy!


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