Why stop at one day dedicated to our beautiful planet? Why can’t Earth Day be every day?

Relish in the beauty Mother Nature has given us. Go for a hike. Do some beachside yoga. Plant a tree. Clean up trash. Ride your bike. Go meatless for the day. Try to do just one thing a day to make the Earth a little better. They will all add up in the end.


We all do great, sustainable things on that one day a year called “Earth Day”, but why not make changes every day to make our Earth a better place for us, wildlife, insects, and generations to come?

Here are 275 progressive ways you can make Earth Day every day.

    1. Clean up 3 pieces of trash every day
    2. Ride your bike to work
    3. Cut out dairy where possible
    4. Cut out meat where possible
    5. Bring produce bags to the store
    6. Shop at the thrift store
    7. Read a book about nature or wildlife
    8. Go for a hike and revel in the beauty
    9. Drive instead of fly
    10. Recycle or compost your toilet paper cores
    11. Buy products in glass instead of plastic
    12. Buy products in your own containers instead of packaged
    13. Start a compost bin
    14. Pack a lunch in reusable containers
    15. Take a canoe trip
    16. Eat “for here” instead of “to-go”
    17. Buy local food when possible
    18. Listen to a sustainability podcast
    19. Start a vegetable garden
    20. Start an herb garden
    21. Start an indoor jungle
    22. Start an office garden
    23. Wash your clothes on a cold setting
    24. Hang your clothes to dry
    25. Plan a camping trip
    26. Take 1 song long showers- no your song cannot be Bohemian Rapsody, although it is a great song
    27. Sleep with your windows open instead of having the AC on
    28. Unplug electronics when not in use
    29. Turn down your hot water heater temperature
    30. Plant a tree
    31. Transition to natural deodorant
    32. Watch Planet Earth
    33. Keep reusable shopping bags in your car
    34. Eat less processed foods
    35. Buy organic foods
    36. Go stargazing
    37. Learn to odentify 5 constellations
    38. Turn off your lights when not in the room
    39. Make your own granola
    40. Carry reusable utensils
    41. Send junk mail back to the sender with a note asking to be removed from the list
    42. Make your own beauty products
    43. Make your own cleaning products
    44. Use Ziploc bag alternatives
    45. Listen to a podcast about bees
    46. Be a beekeeper
    47. Switch to LED
    48. Make sure all insulation is secure in your house
    49. Switch to ENERGYSTAR Appliances
    50. Learn more about recycling
    51. Make more meals from scratch
    52. Eat less fish
    53. Read about aquaponics
    54. Fix something broken
    55. Pay your bills online
    56. Carpool to an event
    57. Let dishes airdry in the dishwasher
    58. Make more meals from scratch
    59. Turn off electronics at night instead of having them on sleep mode
    60. Donate your clothes to a thrift store
    61. Use rechargeable batteries
    62. Watch Cowspiracy
    63. Watch Before the Flood
    64. Plan a backpacking trip
    65. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
    66. Build a fire
    67. Clean up dead brush and shrubs
    68. Go to the beach
    69. Pick up 5 items of trash at the beach
    70. Stop using plastic straws
    71. Carry a reusable water bottle
    72. Carry a reusable coffee mug
    73. Explore somewhere new
    74. Explore somewhere old
    75. Carry a handkerchief
    76. Buy a Diva Cup
    77. Use cloth pads
    78. Get an essential oil diffuser instead of air freheners
    79. Switch to natural medicines
    80. Use a rake instead of a leaf blower
    81. Opt for a gas stove over electric
    82. Go solar powered
    83. Go wind powered
    84. Get an electric car
    85. Go for a road trip somewhere new
    86. Spend a day in the woods
    87. Go for a run
    88. Donate your spare paint to a school
    89. Get aerators on your water faucets
    90. Use cloth diapers
    91. Use cloth napkins
    92. Raise chickens
    93. Reflect on what makes you happy. Do that.
    94. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
    95. Turn off the water while washing your face
    96. Read a good book outside
    97. Make your own almond milk
    98. Make your own oat milk
    99. Make your own hummus
    100. Learn about the process of recycling
    101. Use teas instead of medicine
    102. Recycle your wine corks
    103. Go vegan
    104. Use newspaper or paper bags or maps to wrap gifts
    105. Use wool laundry balls
    106. Try black bean burgers
    107. Recycle your contact lenses
    108. Buy eggs in cardboard instead of styrofoam
    109. Buy bread at a bakery, package free
    110. Buy clothing from sustainable brands
    111. Buy items for quality, not for the price
    112. Make a smoothie bowl instead of buying one
    113. Buy loose-leaf teas instead of bags
    114. Store items in Tupperware not with saran wrap
    115. Make beeswax wraps instead of using saran wrap
    116. Buy compostable coffee filters
    117. Compost your compostable coffee filters
    118. Save your seeds at the end of blooming season
    119. Shop at a farmer’s market
    120. Rent a kayak
    121. Go rock climbing
    122. Eat a salad
    123. Refuse samples at the store in plastic containers
    124. Switch to bamboo bedding
    125. Listen to a podcast about hiking
    126. Try plogging
    127. Express what you’re thankful for today
    128. Do some yoga outside
    129. Meditate outside
    130. Educate a friend on sustainable living practices
    131. Read The Douce Journal
    132. Drink some tea
    133. Give gifts in reusable packaging
    134. Buy a stainless steel straw
    135. Buy a bamboo straw
    136. Make sure all leaks are fixed
    137. Take electronic notes
    138. Use power strips
    139. Get dimmer switches in your house
    140. Tell a friend about sustainability
    141. Upcycle products when possible
    142. Switch you grass lawn into a native landscape- do it for the bees!
    143. Have refillable pens
    144. Have a picnic
    145. Buy secondhand books
    146. Bring your own takehome containers to restaurants
    147. Only put on your plate what you can eat
    148. Listen to a podcast about recycling
    149. Look at the stars
    150. Print as few papers as possible
    151. Go outside of your comfort zone
    152. Go to the gym
    153. Hammock in the woods
    154. If it’s yellow, let it mellow
    155. Save your pasta/rice water for watering plants
    156. Save your water while your shower heats up for plants
    157. Wash your car at home
    158. Sit on a bench
    159. Only do full loads of laundry
    160. Buy some Mason Jars and use them!
    161. Learn about Leave No Trace
    162. Only buy food you know you will eat
    163. Buy a bamboo toothbrush
    164. Make your own toothpaste
    165. Decorate your house with natural objects
    166. Make veggie stock with veggie scraps
    167. Buy a bamboo hairbrush
    168. Make citrus cleaner
    169. Learn about tree identification in your area
    170. Visit a landfill
    171. Use reusable cotton rounds
    172. Make your own kombucha
    173. Save glass jars and bottles for future use
    174. Use old t-shirts as rags
    175. Buy the ugly fruits and veggies
    176. Buy package free produce
    177. Let in natural light instead of having lights on
    178. Go for a bike ride
    179. Take the stairs over the elevator
    180. Support ethical brands
    181. Watch Chasing Ice
    182. Send electronic invitations
    183. Look into Teslas
    184. Read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
    185. Make your own tea
    186. Invest in some of these Ziploc Bags alternatives
    187. Switch to reusable cotton eye makeup pads
    188. Try buying products in glass instead of plastic
    189. Buy beauty products in sustainable packaging
    190. Spread the word about green living
    191. Don’t always buy the perfect looking produce at the grocery store
    192. Use towel napkins
    193. Participate in a local clean up
    194. Collect rainwater and reuse it
    195. Volunteer at a community garden
    196. Put up a bird feeder
    197. Put up a bird bath
    198. Upcycle garbage when you can
    199. Say no to paper receipts
    200. Make your own granola bars
    201. Use coconut oil as eyemakeup remover
    202. Use coconut oil as lotion
    203. Buy bamboo toilet brushes, dish brushes, hair brushes
    204. Check out Refill Revolution
    205. Have houseplants in every room
    206. Reuse glass bottles as vases and decoration
    207. Switch to metal safety razors
    208. Take a friend on a hike
    209. Pick up 5 pieces of garbage on every hike
    210. Educate people on why you try to live sustainably
    211. Pledge to go meatless for one day a week
    212. Make your own garbage bags out of newspaper
    213. Make your own toothpaste
    214. Reuse boxes when you ship things
    215. Avoid products with palm oil
    216. Drink lemon water instead of taking vitamins
    217. Give sustainable gifts
    218. Use cotton towels
    219. Avoid synthetic fibers
    220. Avoid fast-fashion stores
    221. Diffuse essential oils instead of taking medicine
    222. Wash your dishes by hand
    223. Turn off the heated dry setting on your dishwasher
    224. Make overnight oats for waste-free breakfasts on the go
    225. Buy pottery locally
    226. Read Life Without Plastic
    227. Read Zero Waste Home
    228. Buy products with reclaimed materials
    229. Don’t buy plastic cotton swabs
    230. Recycle your Christmas Tree
    231. Water your plants in the morning or at night to minimize evaporation
    232. Go skiing or snowboarding
    233. Get your place of business to change to sustainable practices
    234. Always pick up your dog feces
    235. Give experiences as gifts
    236. Pop your popcorn the old fashioned way
    237. Plant bee-friendly plants
    238. Plant butterfly-friendly plants
    239. Use cast iron pots and pans
    240. Don’t buy beauty products with micro-beads
    241. Don’t feed birds bread
    242. Use Ecosia
    243. Avoid idling your car for long periods of time
    244. Ask Amazon to use plastic-free items when shipping
    245. Go on a trip to a new place
    246. Spread sustainable knowledge within the community
    247. Host waste-free parties
    248. Buy cork products
    249. Buy bamboo products
    250. Regrow vegetables
    251. Keep your vegetables in a jar of water in the fridge
    252. Buy coffee beans in bulk
    253. Buy stainless steel measuring cups
    254. Plant flowers, don’t pick them
    255. Live in a tiny house
    256. Try tofu instead of meat
    257. Bring snacks in jars and stainless steel containers
    258. Follow sustainable influencers on social media
    259. Have a verma-compost
    260. Plant your own micro-greens
    261. Cleanse your house with sage
    262. Buy for quality
    263. Support your local sustainability community
    264. Hold a community meeting to talk about sustainable topics
    265. Have a garage sale
    266. Make your own beauty products
    267. Use a bamboo hair brush
    268. Use rose water as a toner
    269. Spend your money at places that support sustainability
    270. Ask for vegan/vegetarian options at restaurants if you don’t see them on the menu
    271. Switch to cloth tissues
    272. Go on a canoe trip
    273. Dehydrate your own fruit
    274. Organize a clothing swap
    275. Share your knowledge with everyone you know


I hope these are some good ideas for you for this year’s Earth Day! If you have any to add, comment them below!

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