My latest zero waste bathroom essential: the safety razor

I have to admit, I bought it and I just let it sit for….. a little while. I was so excited to open it but I was a little nervous to actually put it to use. I used my disposable razor up until it was too dull and then… it was time.

It was time for me to put the razor blade in my razor and actually use it. I took it slow, used extra oil on my skin, and tackled my fear. Honestly, I had nothing to worry about and everything to gain from my purchase of a safety razor.

Okay, I did cut myself in a few spots but that only happened the first time and then I had it mastered. Aaand my legs, armpits, and… nether-regions were softer than ever. I LOVED IT!

Welcome to the world of how to use a safety razor. I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions that they had and these were the ones they came up with:


Are they more sustainable?

In the USA, we throw away about 2 billion plastic razors each year. People use them every day for a few weeks and then toss them and move on to the next one. To make matters worse, there is no recycling measure for these razors so they simply end up in the landfills. Disposable razors are known as the most wasteful bathroom product on the market.


Is it a better shave than disposable razors?

Honestly, I read this on many occasions before buying one and I was skeptical. How can my shave be that much better than before? But ohhh darlin’, it can be. It was fantastic. My legs are smooth as a baby’s bottom and I can shave less often now because of how close of a shave the safety razor gives you.


Is it easy to cut yourself?

The first time I used it, my legs looked a bit like a rolled around in some rose bushes but after that, I mastered it. It is a slower process but it’s intentional and well worth the extra minute.


What shaving cream do you use?

I don’t actually use shaving cream, I just use my natural body soap – I switch around on brands but my favorite are the ZUM Body Bars. Because natural body soaps are made with more essential, natural oils than your average soap, I find it to work just as well as shave oil. I simply lather up my legs and shave away.

If you have overly sensitive skin, try exfoliating first and then using some shave oil to have the least reaction.


How do you hold your safety razor?

Make sure to buy a safety razor that has a weighted handle. This allows you to not have to push down or mess with the angle of your razor. How it naturally falls in your hand is how you hold it. As a rule of thumb, apply little to no pressure and have the razor at a 45 degree angle to your leg.

Like I said above, you get the hang of it very quickly. Simply take it slow first and you’ll rock it.


Do you get razor rash from the safety razor?

I have forever gotten those little pesky bumps after shaving – more on my bikini line than anywhere else. After using this razor, I really have not had a problem.

My biggest tips to prevent razor rash with any razor are as follows:

  • shave regularly
  • exfoliate first – or dry brush
  • always shave with wet skin
  • use a shave oil, conditioner, or oil based body soap
  • make sure your razor is sharp


How do you store your safety razor?

After each use, I take the razor apart from the base and dry them out separately to avoid rusting. (Most will not rust but I just feel like this is better for the razor)


Which safety razor do you use?

I use this razor that I bought off of Amazon. It was extremely affordable, came in all cardboard and paper and included a travel case with 30 replacement blades. It was the most affordable option I could find.

Buy the razor I use here!

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Here is a link to learn how to order off of Amazon more sustainably!


Overall thoughts?

I love my safety razor beyond belief. It took one or two times of scuffing up my legs to get it right, but since I did, it has been so much better than I would have thought. This swap is an easy, practical, and worthwhile zero waste alternative. Depending on the style of disposable razors you may currently be using, this can definitely be a cheaper alternative in the long run for you! All you need to buy is the base and then just the little razors from then on! I would highly recommend everyone to buy one of these, especially those with sensitive skin!



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