The everlasting, white snow is melting away and the brown grass is beginning to turn green! At least for me in Wisconsin, we are beginning to see days above freezing and I cannot wait to start doing some more outdoor activities!

With spring comes a time to refresh, a time to make positive changes in your life for the warmer months. With this, I want you to join me in a challenge. This challenge is called March Against Straws!

March Against Straws is a challenge to avoid using single-use plastic straws throughout the month of March!

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What is the Challenge:

Beginning March 1st, anytime you go to a bar, restaurant, party, smoothie shop or anywhere you would receive or use a plastic straw, simply ask for “no straw, please”.  If you cannot live without straws, then carry a reusable! Here is a comprehensive review of the types of reusable straws to look in to.


Who Will This Impact:

I have started this campaign to raise awareness for the number of plastic straws used every day. By doing this challenge, you will make an impression on yourself, on the people around you, and on the organizations you are eating at.

How Long Does it Go For:

Only one month- March 1st-March 31st! But hopefully, it is something you try to implement after as well!

Why Should I Join This Campaign:

In America alone, 500 million plastic straws are used every day on average for only 15 minutes. The straws are then disposed of and because of their light nature, they are carried by the wind to pollute streets, forests, oceans, and many natural areas. Also, plastic straws are the #1 pollutant found on beaches. The pollution of straws is so bad that 90% of seabirds are found with straws and other plastic materials in their stomachs.

This challenge has the opportunity to impact so many people and animals around you.


What Do I Do If I Recieve A Plastic Straw:

Mistakes and miscommunications are inevitable. If you end up with a plastic straw at some point throughout the month, use it as always, but take it with you. Let them accumulate throughout the month and then toss them away with a bag of other garbage. By doing this, the straw has a less likely chance of getting swept away by the wind and you can see how quickly they can add up.


But I LOVE Drinking Out of a Straw:

Not a problem at all! Here is a comprehensive review of the different types of reusable straws to use! You can toss them in your car or purse and take them everywhere you go. My personal favorite are stainless steel straws like these


How Do I Ask For No Straw:

Whenever I am asking for no straw I normally just ask after I order such as, “Can I have a water with no straw please”. This makes it obvious, courteous and a lot of times they have to acknowledge it as well! Some people may look confused and I simply add “Save the plastic” or “I’m trying to cut down on my plastic” at the end and they will get the idea.

If this part makes you nervous, play out what you are going to say in your head first and then you will be ready. Don’t be too nervous! You have the opportunity to impact a lot of people, animals, and the environment with that simple phrase. I believe in you!


How Do I Stay Engaged In This Challenge:

I will be posting pictures and staying in touch with everyone via Instagram. My Instagram handle is @greenforesters. Feel free to join me on there and use the hashtag #MarchAgainstStraws to stay in touch with everyone! I would love to see your Instagram photos and stories of you out to eat or drinking a smoothie with a lovely reusable straw!


I hope you join me in this challenge! I am so excited to see the impact that we can make! Join me and many people from the sustainability community in #MarchAgainstStraws!


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