Ahhh… it’s that time of year again. Everyone has been pushing through their New Years Resolutions for about a month now and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Valentine’s Day can be filled with delicious chocolates, pretty flowers, and mushy cards but for your Earth-loving, zero wasting sweetheart these options will be sure to melt their heart.

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Chocolate Filled Jars From the Bulk Section

The bulk section is full of chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts, truffles, and all sorts of goodies. Grab a cute Mason Jar (like these) and fill it up with some tasty treats. No need for plastic-wrapped candies! No waste included!


A Little Plant Baby

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, get them a potted one that they can watch grow. Go for a classic like an Orchid or Lilly. Or go for a little more new age and go for a succulent or an aloe plant! Your sustainable Valentine will be so excited about their new plant baby.


A Home Cooked Meal

Everyone loves a meal that is made with love. Make your sweet cheek’s favorite meal and they will be thrilled. Check out the True Food Cookbookto complete your dinner menu and as an added gift for your babycakes with all sustainable recipes!


Homemade Delicious Treats

Make some easy chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes or cookies. These treats are tasty, thoughtful and cost very little!


Give the Gift of an Experience

Instead of giving a teddy bear or a bunch of candy, plan a day for just the two of you. Take a hike, go to the zoo, have a picnic, go to a museum, go see a movie! The time together will be worth more than the stuffed bear.


Get A Good (Glass) Bottle of Wine or Champagne

A little wine or champagne can be a great addition to dinner. Make sure to buy a glass bottle and to recycle the cork! Some brands like Nativa, Paul Dolan, and Parducci have organic wine- brownie points!


Rent a Movie

Renting is a great way to see movies without the waste of a movie theatre or buying it! Rent a movie, pour a glass of wine, and eat some bulk bought chocolate- they’ll love it.


Skip the Card

Lastly, save the $4 and write a nice little love letter instead. It will be way more meaningful and it won’t leave you with cards laying around.


I hope your sustainable Valentine love some of these gift ideas! Have a lovely, green day!


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