Here are 5 items I believe will help kick off 2019 on the path for a refreshing new year. 

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1.A Journal

Journaling allows you to open your mind to things you may not have known were stuck in your thoughts. They give you a place to vent, explore, inspire, and explain everything going on in your noggin! I am a huge advocate for writing down little thoughts in your head. I’ve had days that I write no words on a page, 2 words, or 5 full pages. Journaling allows you to ramble with no care in the world how long you go on for. You would be surprised the ideas your can manifest with just a few moments to just your thoughts. Never know what to write about? Here is a journal with prompts for you.

2. A Planner/Calendar

I personally use a planner for school but I use it for my everyday life as well. This is an easy way to write down obligations, birthdays, meetings, reminders, etc. You can keep all of these things in one organized place so you never lose your lists. This could be done on your phone as well but I find it easier to physically write something down and check it in the morning than have just another notification on my phone.

3. Storage Bins

When you are decluttering, it is beneficial to have a place to put things that you are keeping that you do not need out all of the time. These will allow you to fill them up, mark what is in them and easily stack them on shelves.

4. Post-it Notes

I love to-do lists. They make it so satisfying when you can physically cross things off of the list. I will admit, I add things to the list I have already done just to cross them off. Why? I don’t know but it makes me feel more productive. I strongly recommend having a medium for writing your lists on. This will serve as a constant reminder and checking point for you.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

My water bottle is one of my favorite things I own and it makes me want to carry it everywhere.  The more water you drink, the more focused, upbeat, productive, confident, and healthy you will feel. If you bring this baby with you, you will remember to drink more water and you will feel so much better. Water is a secret weapon to boost your mood, clear your skin, aid in digestion and weight loss, and basically the key to the universe.


With these 5 inexpensive items, you will start your year off on the right track for an organized, productive, fulfilled, and rejuvenating new year.


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