Halloween is a time full of candy, spooky decorations, and pumpkins! It is easy to get carried away with buying the pumpkin shaped candy or the fake spider webs. But green Halloweens are a possibility, there are many ways to make spooky season fun without making as much waste.

Here are a few green Halloween ideas:


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1: Try to buy candy in bulk

The normal bulk stores normally do have a bulk candy section. Whether it is M & Ms, chocolate covered peanuts, Jelly Beans or a locally made candy- try to buy those and portion them out into little paper goodie bags with twine to hand out. This will eliminate an incredible amount of waste in the handing out candy process.

I do have normal grocery stores that have these sections as well. Woodmans, Festival Foods, Kroger are all examples of places I have seen these bulk sections at! Take a peek next time you are at the store to see if they have any sustainable Halloween candy options.


 2: Buy local pumpkins

So many farmers set up their own stands to sell their pumpkins. When you buy them at a store, they may be shipped from a different state. By buying local pumpkins you are supporting your local farmers and they normally last longer because they didn’t have to ship them anywhere.

3: Make Pumpkin Seeds

When you carve your pumpkins or when they are ready to go, make sure to dry them out and toss them in the oven with a little salt or cinnamon and sugar! You won’t regret this tasty, plant-based, protein-fill snack.

If you aren’t a fan of pumpkin seeds, dry them out overnight and stick them in your bird feeder.

4:  Dispose of your pumpkins properly

Some ideas to dispose of your pumpkins are:

  • cut up the inside meat and make a pumpkin puree for pies, loaves of bread, and other recipes
  • COMPOST IT- or just dig a hole in your garden and bury it for the same effect
  • Donate them to a zoo or wildlife sanctuary
  • If you have animals (such as deer) in your yard, toss them out there as a little snack for them


5: Send kids out with a pillowcase

Instead of buying one of those plastic pumpkins for your kids to collect candy in, send them out with an old pillowcase or sack you have in the house!


6: Decorate with items found in nature

We use wood pucks, gourds, pumpkins, mums, pine cones, dried fall leaves, and acorns as our fall decorations. It adds a natural but homey look to the house.


7: Use items you have as decor

Some people want a little spookier decorations than leaves and pumpkins. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Cardboard as tombstones
  • Old bed sheets as ghosts
  • Old tights as spider webs
  • FIll glass jars with water (add food coloring if you wish) and unknown objects
  • Look around the house for anything you can make spooky

8: Walk while Trick or Treating

Don’t take your car or four wheelers while trick or treating this year- strap on your costume shoes and walk it out.

9: Bring reusables to your Halloween parties

Plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and paper plates -oh my! Try to bring your reusables anywhere you go!

If you are hosting the party, send out electronic invites, only have reusable options, have recycling bins out for cans. Glass jars can be a fun alternative to plastic cups!

10: Thrift or search your closet for a costume

There are so many costumes you can make from the clothes you have or clothes people donated! Easy costumes are hippies (80s), 90s grunge, lumberjack, or a mime. My thrift stores are filled with store-bought costumes that have been donated too! Check them out first!


I hope this helps you have a spooktacular, sustainable Hallow(gr)een!


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