“How do I stay living sustainably while on the go?” has been a question that has been popping up all over. Everyone is busy taking kids to practices, going to work/school, seeing friends, etc. It’s so easy when you can control everything that comes into your home but how about when you are out and about and other people play a factor into things?

I started to look for articles that help people with this on-the-go sustainable lifestyle and I couldn’t find one. It’s a topic of very little conversation that many people have questions about in…so I decided to create this free challenge to help anyone I could in their journey.

It takes 21 days to create a habit and this challenge will make sustainability while on the go easy peasy for you!

Sign Up Here!

What does it entail?

Throughout the 21 days  you will:

  • Have broken down, weekly sustainability goals to accomplish
  • Join an optional Facebook Group to ask questions throughout
  • Receive a list of my favorite products to make the research process simpler

What are the weekly goals like?

I have the week broken down into 3-4 cumulative goals per week, each week getting a little more in depth. So, week 1 is a little simpler than week 2’s goals but week 2 also includes week 1. Therefore, by the end of week 3, you have mastered all of the goals from the past 3 weeks.

How do I sign up to receive the challenge info?

Click this link, enter your info, and I will send it all over to you!

You will receive the list of my favorite products shortly after you sign up so you can be prepared. Then, you will get the first week’s goals on November 3rd and the challenge starts the 4th! I will send out each week’s goals on the Saturday night prior to the start of the week. I will be sending information out via email and the Facebook group if you wish to join!


Is it actually free?

There is no catch! It is completely free. I am not doing this to capture your email or get you to buy more information. Honestly, when there is a “challenge” or a “check-list to…” I find it way easier to follow than just a “list of 7 tips how to….”. I never actually do those, I read about them and maybe implement 2 or 3. With a challenge, you can get people collaborating and working together for a common goal. I just wanted to create a community behind it! I am not trying to sell you anything, I promise 🙂 No string attached!


What if it is after November 4th?

That is a-okay! I will send you over whatever you have missed and you can start from there!

As always, never hesitate to email contactgreenforesters@gmail.com or message me on Instagram or Facebook!


Own Less. Live More. Love Lots. Explore.

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