This may not be the most glamorous product, but let me tell you it is a good one.


 Diva Cup Menstrual Cup

Diva Cup Menstrual Cup: Pre-Childbirth

Convenient. Lightweight. Waste Free. Comfortable. Economical.

This may be one of my favorite switches since trying to live more sustainably. The Diva Cup is a product I stand by, love, and actively promote to people (maybe a little too much).


For anyone with a busy lifestyle, this is perfect. During the week of your period, you no longer have to carry around a bag full of supplies. All you need to do is put in your Diva Cup at the beginning of the week and you are set!

I do not find it difficult or uncomfortable to take in and out. You can fold it in half and easily take care of business there. Once the cup is in, it is more comfortable than any other feminine product I have had. I little tip is to trim the stem on the bottom to be a bit more comfortable for you.


I empty my cup around every 8-12 hours, clean it with hand soap in the bathroom (I know they tell you to buy special soap for it….I’ve been using the same cup for two years cleaning it with hand soap and it is just fine) and put it right back in. At the end of the week, I boil it for about 8 minutes in a thrifted, designated pot and sometimes add some baking powder to absorb any odors (it’s normal, come on). And that’s it! No more carrying bags of pads and tampons (plus you don’t have to buy anything once you buy the cup- studies show it saves you $1000 to switch!).


Where I surprisingly found the Diva Cup to be very useful was while backpacking!! I didn’t have to pack out any nasty trash and I didn’t have to carry supplies. Just my little pouch with my cup and I would dump it where I went to the bathroom and buried the remains. So simple and so incredibly awesome.


Now, I do have to say that the menstrual cup may not be for the faint of heart. You definitely have to get a little up close and personal with your period, but it is incredibly well worth it for the ease, comfort, cost-effectiveness and the reduction of waste. I can honestly say the Diva Cup is the most comfortable option I have ever tried. Plus it saves all of the applicators and packaging of pads and tampons.



I cannot say enough good things about the DivaCup. It saves me so much money because it is a one time purchase for a long time use. It is easy to use and clean. It simplifies the week. And most importantly, it is so comfortable and lasts longer than any tampon I have tried. If you have not made this switch yet, you really are missing out.


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How to Care For a Menstrual Cup:

  • I wash my cup between each time that I empty it. I just use a little hand soap and warm water. The company says that you should not use normal hand soap to wash it that you should buy their specific soap. However, I have never had an issue with using normal soap. If I am in a public restroom, I normally don’t wash it in front of people. I just put it right back in and make sure to wash it next time.
  • After my week is done completely, I have a designated, thrifted pot that I boil my cup in and nothing else. It is small and perfect for what I need it for. I boil the water, my cup, and a little baking soda (to absorb any odor) for about 5-8 minutes.
  • I then let it dry completely before putting it back in the cute little pouch. I then store it in a dry place for the next three weeks!
  • Note: Discoloration of your cup is totally normal! Do not worry if it takes on a new color throughout its life.

There are many different companies that sell these cups, not just Diva Cup. Every one has a little different look or sizing. They all are for the same purpose but Diva Cup made it easiest with “pre-pregnancy” and “after-pregnancy” sizing. If you know you have a high or low cervix, there will be certain ones you will want. A quick google search will answer all your questions! The Luna Cup has specific sizing for low and high cervixes.



If you have any questions regarding the cup, please feel free to comment, email me at or DM on Facebook or Instagram! I would be happy to share my “expertise”, tips, and answer any questions you may have. It may be a strange topic but please please please feel free to ask! 🙂

Buy Here: Diva Cup Menstrual Cup


This is not a sponsored post- they are my true opinions but if you purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This is a way of keeping all of my information free to readers. As always, thank you for reading!

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