Indoor plants are so much fun. You get to plant them, watch them grow, take care of them, and enjoy their ambiance- almost like a little pet. However, they aren’t just aesthetic additions to your household decor, they do have benefits. And after learning these benefits, I wanted my house to be a jungle.


Here are just a few of the best benefits of having an indoor garden:


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Plants Help Us Breathe Easy

When we breathe we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Inversely, plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen– we are natural best friends! Research done by NASA shows that indoor plants allow us to have higher quality oxygen in our homes allowing us to breathe easier. This increase of quality oxygen allows us to get into REM sleep faster leading us to feel more rested. 



Plants Absorb Toxins

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are common toxins found in homes such as gas emissions, formaldehyde, and chemicals emitted from the paint on our walls. Plants absorb 87% of these toxins within your house allowing you to have cleaner, more purified air. Your little natural purifiers work 24 hours a day to keep your air the highest quality possible.



Plants Increase Happiness

Many studies have shown that the presence of plants release endorphins, lower stress, and increase moods. By simply having plants in your home, you will automatically feel better every day. Put plants in your bedroom to wake up happy and energized. Put indoor plants in your office to help motivation and creativity too.



Plants Help us Get Over Illnesses

Research shows that having plants in a room will help rid you of your sickness faster. Hospitals have begun placing plants in every room. Patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner. Plants are miracle workers day in and day out.



Plants Sharpen Focus and Creativity

Many schools have started to put plants in every classroom. They have found that classrooms with plants, students attention span is 70% longer than students in classrooms without plants. This goes for creativity as well. The mere presence of plants can make you into the next Picasso.



Plants Can Be Used As Alternative Medicines and Cooking

Not only do plants affect how your body functions, but you can also use these plants as alternatives to medicine and in many recipes. Aloe Vera is a great example of a natural medicine, you can use it for sunburn, skin brightening, and as a detoxifier. As for cooking, I have an herb garden in my home and it is one of my favorite parts about cooking- heading to my garden to pick my home-grown, fresh herbs. It has inspired me to cook more meals at home. Look for plants that are edible for your indoor garden.

Here are some simple plants to grow for herbal remedies.



What Plants Should I Grow?

  • Chrysanthemums- top air purifying plant by NASA’s
  • Spider Plant- removes toxins
  • Ficus- air purifier
  • Dracaena- removes toxins
  • Peace Lilyremoves toxins
  • Golden Pothos- easy to grow and purifies
  • Aloe Veraabsorbs lots of CO2, can be used to heal cuts and wounds
  • Any Herbs and Spices- many grow fast and you can use them in the kitchen

Here is a website for the 26 best indoor plants and their specifics!


Plants are a great, natural way to add interest to a room. They help you mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are hundreds of more benefits from decreased eye irritation, headaches, and respiratory problems, the above are just a few! Why not change your house into a mini jungle?

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