Natural deodorant has been a huge topic of conversation for years. I never paid much attention to it until my grandma got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is an incredibly terrible disease with little known about it. They have no cure, prevention, or slowing method for it at this time. They have a few things that they have found links to causing this disease and the aluminum found in regular deodorant and antiperspirant has been proven to cause Alzheimer’s. Looking into the chemical further, there is possible links to other diseases such as breast cancer. After learning this, I decided to switch- natural, chemical-free deodorant here I come!

In doing research on the different types of deodorant to try, I found it can be quite the process. Here is what I learned through research and experience:


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First, I recommend you look at the ingredients of your regular antiperspirant or deodorant

How many of them are chemicals that you cannot read? Way too many right? Now, just get excited about this transformation process to all readable ingredients….it’s lovely

Pick the kind of deodorant that you want- stick or paste

There are a few different kinds of deodorant. There is the normal stick deodorant that just has fewer chemicals or there is a paste in a little container that you rub on with your hand. Personally, I found that the paste was more effective at absorbing the moisture and the scent lasted much longer for the same price. Not to mention it’s packaged in glass and not plastic- woo!

I use Primal Pit Paste- click here to order my favorite.

If you are hung up on stick deodorant, Schmidt’s is a great option- click here to order my favorite.

Now look at those ingredients

ahhh…much better….shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils…. very readable

Apply deodorant as normal in the morning

and get excited!

Put Tea Tree Oil on your pits at night for the first week

So…the first week or two you may have some strange stuff going on. This is totally normal. You have been putting chemicals in your armpit glands for YEARS! It is trying to detox all that gunk out. If you just put a drop or two of tea tree oil (click here to order my favorite) on your pits at night, it will aid in the detox process.

Get your sweat on

Working out will also allow your sweat glands to clean themselves out a little quicker that week. Make sure you are washing your pits at least once a day during the first week to keep it nice and clean.

Be aware of your body and stank

Sweating is very natural- it also shouldn’t really smell bad. Sweat is not what makes body odor, it is the bacteria mixed with the sweat. So by keeping your pits extra clean during the detoxing first week or two will help. Also, it is normal to sweat a little more the first few days, so don’t freak out. Keep a journal for the transition process if it makes you feel better. You are no longer using antiperspirant, just deodorant. So there is lots going on.

For the record, I did not notice many of these things while switching to natural deodorant. I did not sweat more, smell more, or anything. It was an easy, chemical-free process. And now my pits smell like Orange Dreamsicles and are gunk free!

I would recommend everyone to switch to at least an aluminum free deodorant, but paraben free is an added perk (said to cause cancer). Not only is this switch better for your long term health, but natural deodorant is also a more sustainable option.

Here are my favorite natural deodorants- one is a paste, which I use daily, and one is a stick, which I used before I was trying to avoid plastic:

Paste: Primal Pit Paste

Stick: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram! I would love to chat about it!

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