I’m always craving something sweet, rosy, hibiscus-y, or fruity when the heat rolls around. Out with the warm teas and in with the plethora of iced!



Here’s a list of my favorite, organic, sustainably packaged teas this Spring Season:


Green Tea Tropical

If you’re not completely ready to give up on herbal teas, this is my all-time favorite. You still get the sweet blend of fruits with the benefits of green tea! It’s healthy, refreshing, and can be drunk hot or cold- but iced it is absolutely delicious


 Wild Berry Hibiscus

Another herbal, floral, fruity combo- But, this one can be made into a margarita…. what? It’s sweet with a little bit of a tart elderberry taste. A staple in my spring and summer cabinets.

Click here for tea bags. 

Mandarin Rose

This tea has a garden like aroma with hints of chocolate. The tea is cotton candy pink and oh so delicious! Another refreshing tea for a hot day!

Organic Spring Jasmine

This tea is a little less floral than the rest. The small hints of jasmine and green tea make for a refreshing tea. Mix with limeade for an amazing drink.

Orange Blossom

Last but not least, Orange Blossom. Ice this tea and add some orange slices and you have a fancy, refreshing drink to impress any crowd. With soothing hints of vanilla and jasmine, this tea is perfect for the iced tea drinker. 

Click here for tea bags. 


Summer is a beautiful season that, when paired with some iced tea, can be even better.



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