There are many reusable, on-the-go utensil options, but I have found one to be the most portable for backpacking, spontaneous trips to the ice cream shop, and days you don’t want (or forgot) to haul around your full utensil set.

This product is small enough to fit in my wallet, lightweight and extremely adorable. This utensil is……

The Mini Bamboo Spork by Bambu

Size Dimesnsion:
Length: 9 cm/3.5 in
Weight: .01 kg/ .02 lbs


I keep mine in my wallet so I know I will always have it with me. It’s the easiest way to ensure you never have to put a plastic spoon or fork in the landfill again! I can’t tell you the number of times I have used it for a spontaneous trip to a restaurant. It comes in handy quite often.

I bought mine individually at a local bulk store, therefore it was not packaged. I have used it many times. I wipe it with warm water and mild soap– do not let it soak, the bamboo can absorb bacteria and odors in the water.

One of the fork prongs did chip when I took it out of my purse but I would still say it is incredibly durable. I have carried it everywhere I have gone for about a year and I have a tiny chip, nothing to get upset about.



Yes, I would buy this product again. I have no complaints about it! The small chip was bound to happen and it doesn’t impact the use at all. I love the portability of it- it will fit just about anywhere. Plus, it’s pretty adorable to take out at a restaurant that uses plastic utensils. An absolute re-buy.

Buy Here:

Individual Bambu Spork

Bambu Spork with Cork Carrying Case 


This is not a sponsored post- they are my true opinions but if you purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This is a way of keeping all of my information free to readers. As always, thank you for reading!

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