In the United States alone, we use 500 million plastic straws a day with the average use time being only 15 minutes. When cleaning oceans, beaches, and parks, plastic straws are among the most common litter found. It is easy for the wind to take an individual straw and scatter it throughout the area. Even worse, 90% of seabirds are found with plastic in their stomachs.

Some states, corporations, and communities have started to implement regulations on straws given by restaurants and vendors. Seattle has implemented a strawless environment where no vendor can hand out plastic straws. McDonald’s is trying to phase out all plastic straws in all their location in the U.K. People are beginning to take this situation very seriously… and so should you!

So break out your reusable straws and throw them into your car, purse, or…pocket?

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On my Instagram page (@greenforesters), I ran polls and asked for input on what people’s favorite types of straws are and why. Below are the perks, favorite brands, and input on various types of straws from me and some of my followers.

Instagram Poll: Favorite Type of Reusable Straw?

Silicone: 13 votes

Bamboo: 23 votes

Stainless Steel: 49 votes

Glass: 43 votes


Favorite Brand: Softy Straws

Silicone is the nicest for throwing in a bag because it is malleable and nonbreakable. They will squish in any bag or drink perfectly. The other reusable options aren’t “straw-biter” friendly but this one is! You can also trim them to fit any container.


“I love that they’re easy on the teeth”

“I just throw it in my purse and I have it ready to go!”


Stainless Steel:

Favorite Brand: SipWell

Stainless Steel straws are the most durable. They are dishwasher safe and the best at not absorbing any flavors. You will have these straws for years and they will never corrode.


“Easy to clean and they seem to last the longest”

“I like how cold it gets with ice water”



Favorite Brand:Hiware

Glass straws are the most versatile. They can be made with different lengths, colors, and widths. They even come with little cloths to take with you on the go so they don’t break. I have never heard of one breaking unless dropped off a table. They also look super cute on the counter in your house!


“I love the transparent look”

“Glass is super stylish/durable. My glass straw has lasted me years!”



Favorite Brand: Buluh Straws

These straws are 100% bamboo, reusable, washable, and last for several uses! Bamboo is such a sustainable material and it can be composted after use. Bamboo is my favorite option for smoothies because it is normally a little bigger than the other options.


“Great for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a lot!”

“I love that I can throw it right in my compost pile once I am done with it”

Straws can be pesky to clean but they make super easy straw cleaners like this one!

For all of you in communities that are cracking down on straw use and don’t want to part with them, I hope this was helpful! For everyone else, try carrying your own straw to cut down on the 500 million users per day! Small steps can make a big difference.

Let me know what your favorite option is in the comments below!


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  1. I have been using my Bamboo Straw from BRUSH WITH BAMBOO for years. Rinse and reuse Bamboo is non brittle like glass and does not ship the teeth like stainless. Great product and Company from the USA 🇺🇸


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