Music blaring, windows down, staring at the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscapes around these windy roads. Going slightly over the speed limit, feeling like James Bond on a mission. In the distance, all you can see are trees or corn fields or mountains or deserts. Going up and over and around all the hilly landscapes, you can’t help but think of everything and nothing at the same time.

Letting your mind wander looking out the window and manifesting ideas of the newest thing you want to conquer. You can escape your thoughts while truly finding ideas and passions.

The best trip is when accompanied by people you love. You can turn up the music and sing along to a good jam. It seems when driving along a backroad, you remember exactly where you are when everything happens. You remember that time you were listening to NSYNC with your friend- dancing away – while passing that one field with that one house. It’s almost as if experiences go by in slow motion but once you get to your destination, you wish the ride was longer- it all ended too fast.

You drive down the worn roads- some washboard gravel, some smoothly paved, and some in better shape than the next-  truly taking in everything you see. No matter how repetitive the drive may be, there is beauty in every little aspect. There’s no way to be bored. Let your mind go and take it all in. Appreciate the animals you see along the road, the sunsets above the cornfields, the unknown of where you exactly are. 

Every drive is not time wasted. It is beautiful, serene, action-packed, reflective, and versatile. If you have never had the opportunity to drive off of the main highway, I recommend you take a trip. You are truly missing out. Go. Just drive. Head into the unknown. Feel the bliss, happiness, and time well spent.

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