Podcasts are a part of my everyday life. I use them as a way of getting something out of what would otherwise be a somewhat unproductive time such as driving, getting ready for the day or walking to class. They are an easy way to get quality information, inspiration, and advice. The podcasts below are the ones I listen to the most and love. They can all be found on the Podcast app on iPhones and on GooglePlay for Androids. They are all linked below to their website as well. Happy listening!

There are affiliate links within this post that I could receive a small commission on if you purchase through these links. We would appreciate it if you purchased through these links for it is how we keep our content free for all readers. Thank you.

Most Listened: TedEd, TedRadio Hour, and TedTalks Daily

I am a huge advocate for Ted talks, podcasts, seminars, everything. I listen to a lot of their podcasts and recommend them to everyone. If you aren’t familiar with Ted, they ask scholarly speakers to come in and speak on topics of their choosing at a seminar. These topics are then videoed and turned into podcast and videos for people to listen to and watch. They are incredibly informative and have topics all over the board. TedEd and TedTalks Daily are a little shorter than the TedRadio Hour which is host by Guy Raz and is a more in depth analysis of a single topic. Ted Radio Hour normally has a few guest interviews and a ton of good information. I would recommend all of the Ted Podcast for anyone to check out.

Astronomy: A History of the Infinite and StarTalk Radio

Two great places to start to get the basic and advanced knowledge of Astronomy down. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the host of StarTalk Radio and is always a great host to listen to. These are guaranteed to blow your mind in one way or another.

Backpacking: The First 40 Miles: Hiking and Backpacking

This podcast is great for beginner backpackers. They give great advice, gear recommendations, and have some great stories.

Business: How I Built This

I love this podcast! It is one that I have listened to more frequently. The speaker, Guy Raz, interviews CEOs of major companies getting their story of how they started. You would be surprised how many large companies started in a basement! So interesting and inspirational.

Daily News: Up First

This podcast is done every morning! It is about 15 minutes and a perfect morning commute listener. They go over all of the important news and political happenings from the day before. It is more American focused but they do have international news as well!

Economics: Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics is great for the econ buff in you. It will boggle your mind and make you think about policy and plans while explaining what it all means and what we should do about it.

Education: Stuff to Blow Your Mind and Stuff You Should Know and all Ted Podcasts

When I am in the mood to just learn, I listen to any of these three podcasts. All of them have a wide variety of topics and a library with hundreds of podcasts. Some are 5 minutes and some are an hour, pick your topic and how long you want to listen and I’m sure there will be one for you. These are great to get lost in when you’re feeling it.

Environmental Studies: The Environment Buff

The Environment Buff goes over major environmental issues within society and the world. It is a compilation of interviews with inspirational people and organization about what they are doing to make an impact.

Health: The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes and The mindbodygreen Podcast

The School of Greatness is going to be more mental than physical health. They explain how to bring yourself to the person you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve. Mindbodygreen is based on their website and it has topics from working out to spirituality to yoga to backpacking. They are fantastic!

Outdoor Adventure: Adventure Sports Podcast and The Dirtbag Diaries

These two podcasts will leave your adrenaline fever pumping, inspiration going and laughing along the way. They are phenomenal podcasts for all things outdoor and they are really fun listens. Highly recommend these two.

Sustainability/Zero Waste: The Minimalist Podcasts and A Sustainable Mind

The Minimalist Podcast done is by the guys who did the documentary on Netflix, Minimalism. It gives you a summary of what these guys are doing, things you can do and inspiring stories of other people. You will leave wanting to give everything in your house away. A Sustainable Mind is a great platform for anyone wanting ideas on how to be more sustainable. They give great advice, stories, and inspiration.

Travel: The World Wanderers Podcast

Something to make your travel urge even stronger. Amanda and Ryan will tell their stories, interview others, and make you want to get up and travel the world now.

Women in the Wilderness: She Explores

She Explores is a great organization that advocates for women getting in the workplace and exploring. They have podcasts of women in the outdoor industry, outdoor advice and tons of stories.

Bonus: My favorite headphones to listen to podcasts (or anything) on that are surprisingly inexpensive, Bluetooth, have great sound quality and extreme exterior sound blocking, are linked here. They rock for podcasts, working out, traveling or personal jam sessions! Highly recommend. 

I hope you find this list useful! If you have any recommendations for podcasts for me to listen to, comment them below! I’d love to find more!


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