Water. A definite necessity to everyday life. 97% of Earth’s water is salt water that is not suitable for drinking. 2% of Earth’s water is caught up in glaciers and ice. That leaves 1% of Earth’s water for our use. The average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day. 


The supply is not infinite, here are a few ways you can reduce your water consumption on an everyday basis:


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1.Turn off the faucet

Brushing teeth, washing dishes, or washing your hands. Try to keep the faucet on only when needed.


2. Buy faucet aerators

By using an aerator on your faucet you can cut down on the amount of water coming out of your faucet at a time. Here is a link to a kitchen sink aerator. Here is an aerator for your bathrooms and other sinks. They are a cheap and easy alternative and you can cut down on your water bill too!


3. If it’s yellow let it mellow

This may not be for everyone, but you really don’t need to flush every time you wee. However, we beg of you, if it’s brown… flush it down. An average toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush and some use as much as 7 gallons.

4. Change up your shower

Not only is an efficient shower head a good idea, cutting down your shower time is easy too. I understand the warm water feels fantastic once in awhile but try to minimize long showers to once in a while. If you’re feeling frisky, you can skip a shower every once in a while too!

5. Make sure there are no leaks anywhere

If your faucet drips for one day it can waste about 5 gallons of water, or 1,825 gallons a year. This can add up quickly, try to fix all leaks as soon as you know they’re there!

6. Save water for watering your plants

Install a rain barrel, use water you used to cook pasta, or do your dishes in a tub and use the dirty water to water your plants. Watering with a watering can helps reduce your water use too! If you drop an ice cube on the ground, throw it in your plant instead on in the plant! Extra Tip: Water your plants in the morning, there’s less evaporation when it’s a bit cooler out.


7. Wash your car at home or an eco-friendly car wash

If you get a garden hose nozzle, the water isn’t going to be openly flowing which will help a lot! Try to put water in a bucket to use to wash and then dunk your sponge in it instead of spraying new water each time. Wash in the shade to avoid quick evaporation.  If you use a local car wash, some use less water than others!

8. Only do full loads of laundry

A full washing machine cycle can use 15-50 gallons of water depending upon efficiency. If you make sure to do full loads of laundry, you’ll cut down on the amount of water you use (energy too!)!


We do need to use water, but we can use it wisely. These changes don’t have to happen overnight but being conscious is always helpful. Reducing your consumption can lower your monthly costs too. More money in the budget for fun stuff…woo!


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